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At The Manchester Gutter Company, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional and low-cost gutter repair services that come with a 12-month guarantee. Our 5-star rated repair service is highly sought after because finding a reliable and trustworthy roofing company can be a challenge. Our team consists of highly trained gutter installers with extensive experience in rainwater drainage system installation, repair, and maintenance. When you have gutter problems, our mission is to leverage our expertise to identify and rectify your gutter issues safely using the right tools and access equipment.

Why Expert Gutter Repairs Matter:

Gutters that leak, overflow, or sustain damage can lead to significant problems for you and your property if left unaddressed. Most gutter-related issues stem from inadequate building maintenance, such as neglecting routine gutter cleaning and prompt gutter problem fixes. It’s advisable to prioritize both gutter cleaning and repairs as part of your regular property upkeep.

Understanding the Consequences of Gutter Problems

  1. Penetrating Damp: This is a common issue homeowners face. It can result from water consistently splashing against an exterior wall, seeping through bricks, or infiltrating loose mortar and other openings. The consequences often include mold, blistering paint, loose plaster, and a damp odor in adjacent rooms.

  2. Water Ingress: Leaking or overflowing gutters can direct water into your property rather than away from it. This is particularly common in properties with gutters situated directly against the brickwork. Signs of water ingress typically manifest as wet patches on ceilings or walls opposite the gutter. Water can also infiltrate through window and door seals, air vents, and other external openings.

Prioritize Gutter Maintenance

Addressing these issues promptly is crucial. Regular gutter cleaning and repairs are vital for preventing costly damage to your property and ensuring your comfort and safety.

Common Causes of Gutter Problems

  1. Blocked Gutters, Downpipes, and Drains
  2. Improper Gutter Alignment
  3. Gutter Contraction and Expansion
  4. Cast Iron Gutter Decay
  5. Poor Gutter Installation
  6. Roofing Felt Disintegration
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